Who is David Dardashti?

A person’s path in life is typically a road least expected, thus is true of the life of David Dardashti.

David was prescribed an opioid 27 years ago for terrible migraines.   Within a very short time, he like many others, found himself addicted and a slave to a powerful painkiller, sliding him into a deep depression, feeling the shame, guilt, and anxiety, all related to his addiction.  David was running a successful real estate development company at the time and found himself struggling to work and find a treatment option that was effective for coming off opiates. David began to seek out alternative medicines, following a passion he has always had in healing and spirituality. By chance, or God’s will, which either one you choose to believe, he was introduced to “God’s Medicine”, Ibogaine.  

Realizing the miraculous healing powers Ibogaine offered, David changed his life’s path and dedicated the next two decades to educating and healing thousands of individuals using Ibogaine from his Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico.  During this time David has continued to study the history and science behind Ibogaine, creating over 255 unique protocols for various treatments.  Each protocol is personalized to both the patient and their addiction, ailment, or disease.  Ibogaine has been shown to be very effective in treating addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other neurological disorders.  It’s as if Ibogaine acts as a reset button, giving patients their former lives back prior to their drug addiction, trauma, or life’s hardships.

David has lived a life of many paths, first as a soldier, then a Broadway performer, a real estate developer, and now his true passion, a natural healer.  
If you listen to the hundreds of testimonials from his patients, you can hear and feel their gratitude towards David and what he has done for them and their families.  He continues to practice natural healing in his Ibogaine Clinic in Playa Del Carmen today, and is always encouraging individuals who are struggling with life to call to learn more about his clinic and the magic of Ibogaine. 

The Ibogaine clinic founder, David Dardashti, has made it his mission to quell the rising cases of substance abuse, PTSD and depression. He has long been, and still, so passionate about the effects of ibogaine and on the continuous search of new ways to leverage this natural substance. David Dardashti has become a master of healing using Maimonides treatments and strategies, which is through the understanding of human anatomy and finding the root of ones problem using simplicity and logic to solve any medical issues.

If you are struggling with addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or diabetes, there is a healer you must reach out to, his name is David Dardashti. 

Website:  http://ibogaineclinic.com
Telephone:  1-800-818-4511
Ibogaine Clinic:  Playa Del Carmen, Mexico