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Friday, November 30, 2018

The Most Effective and Least Known Opiate Addiction Treatment

We saw another increase in opioid overdoses in 2017 contributing to a decrease in life expectancy in the USA.  As addiction and overdose levels rise, so do the treatment options for recovery.  Many families have already felt the crippling financial stresses of rehabs and maintenance plan drugs such as Suboxone, Subutex, and Methadone.  Unfortunately, regardless of how much money you throw at the problem, the success rates of recovery don't improve.  

More and more addicts and family members of addicts are seeking alternative options for treatment, having watched tens of thousands of dollars being wasted in traditional recovery routes.  The search for opiate recovery options leads many to Ibogaine, a substance found in the root of an African plant that has anti-addiction, and anti-anxiety properties in addition to many more benefits for mind and body healing.  Unfortunately, Ibogaine, is not legal in the United States which puts patients on edge, and many times unwilling to pursue because of the obstacles the Unites States Health Care and Law Enforcement agencies have placed in front of them.  

The most devastating part of this news is Ibogaine is extremely effective and comes with a long list of properties that every opiate addict would simply call miraculous.  In addition to "interrupting" the addiction, opiate and other drug addicts will face no withdrawal symptoms or constant cravings, two things that keep many heroin and opiate addicts from long term recovery.   IN addition, Ibogaine has very effective anti-anxiety properties, helping addicts deal with depression, trauma, anxiety, and PTSD, common conditions found coupled in with addiction.  

Many patients use Ibogaine as a last resort option, exhausting all other available treatment options within the United States.  Most don't feel comfortable taking an illegal substance, traveling abroad, putting their care in physicians and practitioners they don't know, and having to sort through the half-truths and misinformation about Ibogaine on the Internet.  

However, after much research and watching the hundreds of video testimonials of formal addicts,a small few make a decision that will change the rest of their lives.  Patients who have had proper Ibogaine treatment are "awakened" from the numbness of drug addiction and claim to have a completely new perspective on life, events, situations, and people.  They claim to have been "reset" to a pre-addiction state both physically and mentally.  Even the biggest skeptics exit treatment dumbfounded from the outcome and quickly share their experience with others who are battling similar circumstances.  

After treatment, many also claim that the obstacles were much more mental and fear based rather than legitimate.  If you break it down, all   you really need is a valid passport and the funds for treatment.  There are a few pre-scanning examinations one must pass to qualify for treatment, but most don't have issues, and are typically cleared the first day.  

The last variable or fear is choosing the right facility and practitioner.  The difficulties of sorting through truthful and misleading information can be a daunting task.  However, by simply searching for testimonials of former patients on YouTube, you'll quickly find one man's clinic, stands alone as the leader.  David Dardashti's Ibogaine Clinic located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico has been treating patients for more than twelve years.  Their founder, David Dardashti has dedicated his life to Ibogaine treatment and has more than 250 protocols he uses for treating various ailments, conditions, and addictions.  David has treated more than 6300 patients, has more than 200 video testimonials, and is the only practitioner who treats Suboxone and Methadone addiction.  We highly recommend you reach out and learn more about David Dardashti's Ibogaine Clinic.

David Dardashti's Ibogaine Clinic Website:  http://ibogaineclinic.com

Toll Free Phone Number:  1-800-818-4511

YouTube Channel:  The Ibogaine Clinic YouTube Channel Link