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Friday, November 30, 2018 1:00 PM

The Truth About the Ibogaine Experience

The Ibogaine experience is almost always the most misunderstood aspect of Ibogaine treatment.

Focus on the Outcome

Most information online about the Ibogaine experience refer to it as a “trip”.  To any addict, the word trip is immediately associated with hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and mushrooms that take users on a vision filled ride with color trails, melting walls, and an altered reality.  It only makes sense that an Ibogaine patient ready to go in for treatment believes their experience will be similar to psychedelics because much of what they have read online groups Ibogaine into that family of drugs.  However, this is not the case and is why we refer to the effects of Ibogaine treatment as an EXPERIENCE and not a TRIP..

To explain the Ibogaine experience, we shouldn't focus on the semantics of psychoactive, psychedelic, hallucinogens and other associated keywords that describe a typical drug trip.  Instead, we should focus on what happens during the experience and the outcomes.  Our best advice is:


Each Ibogaine experience is unique, no two are the same, and you can count on it being memorable.  If you are hoping to replicate an experience of a former patient who described their treatment on a YouTube testimonial, you are setting yourself up for disappointment or shock.   You won’t know what to expect until you have had your own experience.  

Our Ibogaine Clinic has our patients focus on the outcome.  This is the one thing that won't be unique and the only thing we can be assure of.  You will not have withdrawal symptoms, you will not endure cravings, and your mind and body will not be addicted to drugs following treatment.

The Treatment

Each treatment begins in a similar fashion.  Assuming you have passed your pre-screening and medical evaluations, you will have a scheduled treatment time in which you meet the nurse in the treatment room.  The medical staff will measure your vitals during treatment, offer you eye covers that you can choose to wear or not, and provide you with headphones to listen to pre-selected playlists that we have created to set the mood and begin your journey into your subconscious.  

Once you have finished treatment preparation, you are administered your Ibogaine protocol.  You will drift off to a different state of consciousness in about 25-40 minutes.  Some refer to this as a dreamlike state in which you are awake, yet dreaming at the same time.   However, some patients sleep through this period of treatment.  It is not common, but does occur.  In either circumstance your journey is beginning.  A good portion of patients remember hearing a hum or buzzing sound coming from a location they can’t quite pinpoint, but feel like it is coming from the back of their head during this phase of treatment.  From here your brain and Ibogaine take over, navigating the many proverbial roads, twists, turns, hills, and cliffs, repairing and healing at each stop.

Every ride is different.  For some, you are simply a passenger who sees things in the third person, possibly looking down upon or being apart of previous life events or situations.  Your journey may stop and examine these events, remembering specifics such as emotions, smells, or small details.  You may also buzz right through them, getting a small taste of the situation or nothing more than a passing thought..   These events are typically situations that never had proper closure or clarity in which your brain looks for opportunities to repair or fix.  The moments or events could be times in which you harbored a lot of ill feelings for people or the circumstances surrounding them.  You won’t know until you get there and you still might know once you have arrived and left.  

Visions are not always present for everyone.  Some sleep through treatment.  For those that have visions some are more vivid and understood, some are just flashes, with no understanding of why they appeared.  Simply trust your brain at this point, it will know where to go and what to do.  It will not fail you, you will be healed.  

Although visions are not always present in all patients, changes in perception are.  Every patient seems to perceive and understand their subconscious in a way they have never been able to before.  Many come out of treatment and describe finding clarity, making amends, forgiving, and getting closure from portions of their lives that may have had a deep impact, mentally or physically.  Most patients find this to be very healing and sometimes emotional.  They find themselves after treatment being better equipped to deal with stressful events or circumstances in a way they hadn’t before.  These effects tend to extend into their lives after treatment. 

After a few hours, most patients shift from the dreamlike to an introspective state of mind.  Unlike the first couple of hours of being in a dreamlike state, exploring and repairing the subconscious, the introspective state tends to put patients in a more conscious state, being more awake and aware.   Again, like other parts of your experience, each has their own interpretation of this phase and have different levels of consciousness.  For some, it can be emotional, in which they release a lot of guilt and shame associated with their addiction, some find this state very loving and spiritual.  Another group finds this phase to be very stern and presents a hard look of the affects your addiction has on yourself and others.  

After about five hours (and this varies as well) most patients are taken off their vital monitors and returned back to their rooms.  Because Ibogaine treatment makes many feel dizzy and light headed, most spend their time relaxing in bed, reflecting on their experience.  Since Ibogaine is a stimulant, patients may feel emotionally tired, but awake at the same time.  The treatment can be emotionally taxing for some.

As the effects of Ibogaine begin to wear off we continue to monitor you and provide sleep aids if need be.  Your vitals are measured throughout the night, keeping your safety our first priority.  

Some of the amazing benefits start to become apparent by the next morning.  You won't be showing any withdrawal symptoms twenty-four after your last dose of opiates. You will start to feel different, both mentally and physically.  These differences become more and more apparent as more time elapses. 

Our final note is to remember to enjoy your experience.  Know that you are in good hands.  You have done all of the necessary precautionary steps needed.  The Ibogaine you are taking is pure, and David Dardashti is one of the most experienced practitioners in the world.  There are no other treatment options that provide these deep rooted benefits of mind and body.  If you are struggling with difficult life challenges Ibogaine will provide major benefits for you on so many levels.  These are not short lived experiences, these are permanent changes if applied correctly and you promise to change their behaviors.  Ibogaine will heal  you. 

We recommend preparing for Ibogaine treatment by:

  • Trusting the Ibogaine and it's miraculous properties
  • Trusting in David, he has treated more than 6000 people in similar circumstances as you
  • Trusting in yourself
  • Being hopeful and KNOW you will be healed
  • Not being fearful, you are safe and in good hands
  • Enjoying your experience

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