Ibogaine Treatment for Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction

“As with many other addictions, Ibogaine treatment will drastically reduce an addicts cravings for Alcohol, help alleviate depression, and provide the introspection needed to get to the root of your problems.”  - David Dardashti

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous and harmful drugs to the human body.   Alcoholism is the leading addiction in the United States and comes in many forms.  With its legal status, availability, and millions of marketing dollars behind it, alcoholics are constantly triggered and find cravings to be overwhelming when simply performing every day tasks out in society.  Ibogaine, mostly known for it's anti-addiction properties for opiate addicts, has had profound results for alcoholics and alcohol addiction.   

Why Ibogaine is effective for alcoholism and alcohol addiction

The key to ibogaine's influence seems to be it's ability to boost levels of a growth factor called glial cell line-deprived  neurotrophic factor (GDN).  It is found in the reward regions of the brain linked to addiction (referenced from WebMD.com).  In addition, many times alcohol abuse is related to PTSD or trauma, and is a multidimensional problem.  Because Ibogaine is very effective in treating both of these conditions, it can many times help get to the root of the problem, and assist patients through emotional and psychological healing.  Traditional recovery methods coupled with Ibogaine's ability to address the psychological addiction, reprogram brain receptors, and break dependent behaviors is a very effective approach to recovery from alcoholism.  

Results of Ibogaine treatment for alcoholism and alcohol addiction

  • Remove cravings
  • Ability to deal with trauma and psycho-emotional elements
  • Introspection of the root causes and ability to resolve, make amends, forgive, and heal


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