Ibogaine Treatment for Executive Burnout

Many executives and professionals have looked toward prescription drugs to help increase productivity, focus and mental clarity.  Unfortunately, these drugs are typically temporary fixes for more deep rooted problems.  Drugs like Adderall and Subxonone have long term side effects that end up hindering normal brain function, leaving the individual needing the drugs to simply function at any cognitive or emotional level.  Ibogaine treatment gets to the root of many of these problems, helping executives increase brain capacity and cognitive capabilities without the need of other substances.  By repairing and resetting normal brain function at the receptor level, Ibogaine has shown to have tremendous benefits for executives suffering from reduced mental capabilities.

Results of Ibogaine Treatment for Executive Burnout

  • Removes withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs
  • Increased cognitive capabilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Better coping skills for high-stress work situations

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