Ibogaine Treatment for PTSD and Trauma

Ibogaine is proving to be an effective treatment option for people who are suffering from PTSD or traumatic life experiences.  It's miraculous properties balance the chemicals produced in the brain, enable introspection allowing patients to revisit and better understand their trauma, and reach deep into the psyche for healing not found in many traditional methods.  

Ibogaine has already been established as a very effective way to recover from serious drug addiction.  However, we are witnessing and treating patients who suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety and trauma who are triggering recoveries from these psychological issues.  The personal and introspective nature of the Ibogaine experience allow patients to let go of different types of psychological patterns that have been very difficult to break using traditional treatment methods.  Ibogaine treatment is life changing for people affected by chronic depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), conditions many thought much to intense to recover from.  Although Ibogaine is new to Western Medicine, it has been a traditional healing remedy for hundreds of years in which we are now validating through scientific studies and methods.

How Ibogaine works on PTSD, Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety

Ibogaine treatment is very introspective, taking patients back to revisit important life events, whether they are related to an addiction, or a traumatic experience.  By revisiting the experience and reliving memories through new perspectives, they are able to understand, find clarity, forgive, resolve, and make amends with the people and the experiences they have had.  During treatment, most patients will face whatever is going on in the mind,profound past events, and people who have had an impact on their lives.  The experience seems to give people a greater understanding of feelings and emotions surrounding the event and the tools to accept, find closure, or amend the past and the emotions involved with it.  

"Ibogaine was like 20 years of therapy wrapped up in an 8 hour treatment." - John C

Results of Ibogaine Treatment for people suffering with PTSD, Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety

Although each patient will have a different experience with Ibogaine, there have been profound results that we have seen in many of our patients.  Patients who have undergone Ibogaine treatment for PTSD and other psychological conditions report:

  • Ability to forgive others and themselves for past events or behaviors
  • Improved relationships with loved ones
  • Clarity about the causes and affects of their conditions
  • A better outlook on life and ability to enjoy situations and people they had difficulties with prior to treatment
  • Confirm better results than other traditional therapies
  • Ability to cope and deal with other circumstances such as addictions, depression, and anxiety
  • Decrease in fear and panic attacks


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