Ibogaine Treatment for Stimulant Addiction:  Crack, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Adderall

Much of the media focuses on the Opioid epidemic, with little to no coverage on the massive addiction levels for stimulants such as Methamphetamine, Crack, Cocaine and Adderall.  Stimulants can have drastic effects on the body and mind, causing tremendous damage when abused.  Ibogaine has proven to be very effective in treating stimulant addiction, with similar outcomes as opiate treatments.

The past few years there have been massive increases in Adderall prescriptions, many for young adults and college students. With the prescription numbers increasing so has the dependent and addiction rates to these drugs.  Adderall provides a short lived reaction that users describe as a state of hyper-focused, energized, and alert.  However, long term use requires higher doses and increased frequency to get similar results to when the patient began taking the drug.  

As with other stimulants such as crack, powder cocaine, and methamphetamine,  Ibogaine's anti-addiction properties works very well in curbing cravings and getting to the root of underlying psychological issues that may be causing the addiction.  Treating Adderall with Ibogaine is very similar to other stimulants, but uses a specific protocol developed by David Dardashti that has proven to be effective and safe.  

Treating the Adderall addiction under the supervision and care of the Ibogaine's Clinic medical staff, being in a safe environment, and monitored throughout the patient's stay is an effective way to coping and dealing with coming off any substance, Adderall included.  Combining the Ibogaine treatment, David's psychological sessions, and getting the tools and information needed for an aftercare program, provide a great platform for long-term recovery.  

Treating Stimulant Addiction with Ibogaine

Following treatment, patients will notice and enjoy a number of benefits.  These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Ibogaine Resets the  patient's tolerance of Adderall, Crack, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine
  • Ibogaine treatment will remove withdrawal symptoms
  • Ibogaine treatment will remove a patient's cravings for stimulants
  • Ibogaine treatment will have lasting effects that help patient's to have a full recovery from stimulants
  • Ibogaine works very well for all amphetamines, and success rates tend to be higher than traditional treatment options
  • Ibogaine has psychological benefits, helping addicts uncover the underlying issues that can lead to addiction.

Is Ibogaine Treatment Safe for Treating Adderall and other Stimulants?

When undergoing any medical procedure it is highly recommended you do so under the best care possible.  David Dardashti's Ibogaine Clinic is a fully staffed facility with highly trained medical personnel, specializing in addiction and psychological disorders.  You will be under constant medical supervision, have pre-treatment medical and psychological evaluations, and cared for during your entire treatment.  David has been treating addiction, psychological disorders, and other conditions for more than twelve years and has seen more than 6300 patients during that time.  He has hundreds of video testimonials on YouTube of real life stories of addicts who have been treated with Ibogaine with almost all of them having a profound experience and results.  We highly recommend you spend time watching the testimonials and to call our Patient Care Advisers with any questions you might have regarding treatment, safety, or effectiveness of Ibogaine.   You can reach us at 1-800-818-4511 or incoming @ibogaineclinic.com.  

How is Ibogaine Different from Traditional Treatment Options?

Most traditional addiction treatments fall short in dealing with one of the most crucial underlying elements to addiction, brain chemistry.  Ibogaine's anti-addiction properties, reset many of the brain's receptors and turns on many of the chemicals that it has drastically or fully reduced in producing.  By resetting the brain to pre-addiction states allows the patient to enjoy benefits they thought could never be possible.  By having no withdrawal symptoms or cravings, the patient is much better suited to deal with their addiction.  In addition, many patients describe having increase cognitive function, heightened senses, and clarity for problem solving and dealing with many of the underlying psychological issues that are traditionally coupled with addiction. 


Are you ready to get your life back?

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