What is Ibogaine?

In the most simplest of terms, Ibogaine is found in an African plant and is a naturally occurring perception altering substance that has shown to drastically reduce withdrawals and cravings within opiate addicts.  It’s anti-addiction properties were found by mistake in 1962 by a heroin addict named Howard Lotsof and his five friends who noted reductions of their cravings and withdrawal symptoms after taking Ibogaine as a recreational drug (it was sold in France from the 1930s to the 1960s as a stimulant in lower doses).   

The Medicinal Properties of Ibogaine

Our Ibogaine Clinic treats a variety of different physical ailments and medical disorders, from depression to diabetes and beyond. However, ibogaine is well-known as an opiate addiction treatment, to help individuals overcome their addictions, all while avoiding withdrawal symptoms and cravings. From alcoholism to nicotine addiction, from cocaine to methamphetamine addiction Ibogaine treatment is an extremely potent and powerful way to heal. If you’re struggling with an addiction, perhaps an Ibogaine experience at Ibogaine Clinic can help.

Almost all patients who have gone through proper Ibogaine treatment claim it to be an "interrupter" or a "reset" button, which end the terrible effects of drug addiction.  Ibogaine removes withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings immediately following treatment, and continues to work for months.  If properly administered, addicts and individuals suffering from other ailments such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and trauma recover from their condition,   Unlike traditional rehabs, Ibogaine changes the brain chemistry, healing and repairing parts of the brain that keep addicts stuck in the cycle of addiction.

Ibogaine's miraculous properties reach much farther than addiction and PTSD interruption.  Most find it easier to handle internal struggles and situations, providing a new perception to deal with stressful and traumatic situations that are typically triggers to use their drug of choice.  It is difficult to quantify the benefits of Ibogaine because they reach far and deep in the physical and psychological realms of the body.   

The Ibogaine Experience

No two Ibogaine experiences are the same.  If you are reading and watching video testimonials online of former patients, expecting to get a sense of what your own journey will resemble, you would be making a mistake, because each is different.  However, what you can expect is the outcome to be the same; your mind and body will no longer be addicted to drugs.

The Ibogaine experience is driven by each individuals brain, guiding you through your life's events and experiences that need to be addressed or find closure.  Your mind and body write the script for your very personal and introspective experience, some having a more visual journey than others.  Within your personal journey you may find a number of internal things changing, such as emotions, self confidence, heightened senses, and new perceptions.  

It is important for everyone to know that their Ibogaine experience is a personal one, something that won't be replicated.  Many of our patients will write out questions they would like answered, which can be effective, but in the end, you won't know where or how the journey will unfold, but in either way, it will be safe, profound, extremely healing, and yours.  

Each patient prepares and experiences the Ibogaine treatment differently.  We highly recommend you go into the treatment with a positive outlook, willing to allow the Ibogaine to work it's healing properties.  Trust in the medicine and it will not disappoint, trust in yourself, and your mind and body will take over, healing what is broken or needs repair.  

Some patients will wear eye covers during treatment, enjoying the darkness, some don't wear anything at all.  Most of our patients wear headphones and listen to the custom playlists our Founder and Musician David Dardashti has created for your Ibogaine journey. 

Most of all you should enjoy your experience.  Don't be fearful, know that you are in good hands.  You have done all of the necessary precautionary steps needed, the Ibogaine you are taking is pure, and David Dardashti is one of the most experienced practitioners in the world.  There are no other treatment options that provide these deep rooted benefits of mind and body.  If you are struggling with difficult life challenges Ibogaine will provide major benefits for you on so many levels.  These are not short lived experiences, these are permanent changes if applied correctly and patients change their behaviors.  

Ibogaine Safety

Every medical procedure comes with risks and each procedure requires the body and mind to be in a state that can handle the procedure.  Ibogaine treatment is no different.  Ibogaine treatment is very safe when done properly.  With proper medical screenings and evaluations, proper dosing, and an experienced practitioner, are essential for Ibogaine treatment.  Without these necessary components, the risks escalate, and we never condone home treatment.  No one would ask a friend to perform a surgery or administer medicines they have never taken, this is also true for Ibogaine treatment.  David Dardashti's Ibogaine Clinic evaluate and monitor each of our patients through the entirety of their treatment, mitigating risks, and providing a safe and proper environment for healing.  Our medical doctors and therapists are involved with each treatment to make sure patient safety is the primary concern and goal of our facility. 

ibogaine protocols

David Dardashti treats each patient as an individual, weighing each and every circumstance and variable prior to treatment.   His twelve years experience with more than 6300 Ibogaine treatments completed, he has been able to develop specific protocols for each condition type, drastically improving success rates and mitigating risk factors.  Most Ibogaine clinics do not treat patients, they administer Ibogaine.  There is a massive difference in this approach.  The latter uses a "one size fits all" approach, that involves wishful thinking, something we never condone or apply when offering treatment.  We highly recommend you spend time watching the more than 200 video testimonials of patients suffering from many conditions, each who have had profound results and successful outcomes.  There is a reason David Dardashti is the only practitioner in the world who treats Suboxone and Methadone addiction, and the reason is he is more experiences and has dedicated his life to perfecting specific treatments for each condition and addiction type.

Ibogaine media and information

It is important that every patient spend time researching Ibogaine treatment and the various clinics that offer it.  None are alike and it is essential you do your own research to determine the best fit for your needs.  Our Patient Care Advisers are here to answer any questions you might have and hope you take the time to call to learn more about our clinic and how we are different.  A beautiful view from your room is nice, but it won't cure you, proper treatment will. 

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